Life Purpose Coaching God's Way - Helping You Realize and Live Your God-Given Purpose
"Thank you so much for your coaching assistance enabling me to identify and clarify my purpose and priorities. Our discussions allowed me to evaluate and refocus my goals. Thank you for your guidance!
May God bless you in all your endeavors!
G. Carlson
"Shirley has been an inspiration to me as a life coach. She has encouraged me to take the leap and find out my true passion and purpose and to have the courage to take that first step. I still have a long way to go but I'm finally pointed in the right direction with hope on the horizon. God has blessed her with many gifts and I'm grateful our paths have crossed since not only is she a Life Purpose Coach, but a friend."
A. Palmer

"A coach is one who has the ability and will to help push those who are under their care closer to the win.  It doesn't matter how close or long that experience of victory is made real but it's only within an effective coach that as each practice, play and move is shared that coach and that team member must have trust and faith in each other to know that whatever is offered as the way to victory.  This is why I know and have entrusted the room within my life for Ms. Shirley to stretch, push, and move closer to the place where God can be seen through and in my mission of being one living life on purpose.  I am so glad to have the experience of having Ms. Shirley to fix my life."
D. Anderson

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